C3 Conferencing delivers cost effective and affordable audio, video and web conferencing services that help organizations increase their capacity to provide outreach and support to their staff, clients and communities. C3 Conferencing provides custom solutions, competitive pricing and high touch service to meet the specialized needs of your organization.



The Three C’s of C3


C3 Conferencing is easy to use. Simply sign up and get instant access to all of our services. Enjoy the convenience of meeting with anyone, anywhere at any time you choose with this simple interface. With multiple ways to invite attendees, such as email, chat or telephone, you can get your meeting going quickly and easily for both you and those in attendance. You can even decide to hold a meeting on the spot. Just log in, start an audio or web conference and give your colleague the conference number. In seconds, you will be sharing a desktop so you can visually show your colleagues what you are trying to express in words.

Contract Free

C3 has eliminated all barriers by doing away with unnecessary contracts and paperwork. We have made it commitment free so you can access conferencing immediately and only pay for the time you use. We are so certain our services will help your organization reach farther and do more that we see no need for a contract. We know that once you use C3, you will return time and again to use our convenient and affordable audio, video and web conferencing services.

Cost Efficient

Because you only pay for what you use, C3 is more cost efficient than monthly-fee audio and web conferencing providers. C3 gives you FREE training, customized billing and many other benefits designed to reduce your costs and increase efficiency. You get everything the expensive providers offer but for a fraction of the cost!