Express Join conferencing delivers the service and features of high-touch attended conferencing for the price of an automated conference call.

With Express Join, presenters receive the continuous support and active conference management of an experienced operator. Participants simply join the event with a local or freephone telephone number and passcode, ensuring that your event always starts on time and with the right people there.

Services and features for managing large events
Choose from many available features for managing a large event, including Q&A session management, a private communications line with the operator, and ViewPlus®, a web based conferencing tool for managing the event. 

When a web conference is needed, we offer Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, WebEx™ or IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Unyte™ Meeting. C3 Conferencing makes launching and joining a web conference easy. C3 Conferencing audio and web conferencing also simplifies bill payments with a single invoice for combined audio and web conferences, regardless of the web provider.

Benefits of Express Join

  • Continuous operator assistance
  • Pre-conference for speakers
  • Professional event introduction
  • Q&A session with name announcement
  • Poll participants with real-time reports
  • ViewPlus® host controls
  • Private communications line with operator
  • Premium attended service at an automated service price

Web Based Conference Controls Account Dashboard and ViewPlus® are browser-based tools that are available with all Express Join events. Account Dashboard is used for viewing or downloading event reports and managing your account. ViewPlus enables hosts to manage the Q&A session queue. Hosts view participants in queue by name, and are able to demote, promote or remove participants that have been added to the Q&A queue. ViewPlus chat provides fast, private communication between the host and operator during the call.


More Information: 
View our ExpressJoin fact sheet