Take advantage of our Meeting Managers for continuous operator support throughout your most important conferencing events.

When to use Conference Manager™

  • Conferences requiring continuous support through the entire call.
  • Highly visible calls with top clients or prospects.
  • Investor Relations calls.
  • Large meetings with a high volume of participants.

Benefits of Conference Manager™

  • Meeting Managers to:
    • Actively manage your conference from start to finish.
    • Queue questioners and poll participants.
    • Dial-out to participants or allow them to dial in.
    • Periodically monitor the quality of all call connections.
  • Concentrate on the content and flow of your call without worrying about administrative details.
  • Brand your conference greeting to personalize your teleconference.

Want more options?

  • Impact your audience visually with our fully-integrated Web Conferencing Service, Web Plus™.
  • Record your conference on CD ROM, MP3 or electronic .wav.file.
  • Record the content of your conference in written format with Transcription Services.

With Conference Manager, the presence of the operator on the call provides you with a valuable resource to deliver a whole host of conferencing options designed to give your important meetings the attention they deserve.

Communications Line – enables an operator to speak privately with the host during the call to provide updates as specified by the host. Examples of such updates would be the status of call participants or who is in queue to ask a question.

Polling – enables the host to ask a series of questions to the participants. The host may pose questions with up to nine possible responses.

Queuing – allows conference participants to 'line up' to ask a question using their touch-tone telephones. The participants will be greeted individually and announced to the call.

Sub-conferencing – allows two or more parties to hold a private discussion while the conference call is in progress. Sub-conferencing participants may leave and rejoin the conference call as often as they wish.

Recording and transcription services – enable you to increase the shelf life of your important call events.

Event Manager ™ for Conference Manager
Event Manager is a powerful suite of online tools that provide advanced registration of participants, automated conference entry, and online management of Conference Manager calls.


  • Brand the online registration page for your event with your logo, background colors, and promotional information
  • Specify the information to be collected during the registration process
  • Use your MyAccount Dashboard for viewing event reports before and after the event

ViewPlus® for Conference Manager
ViewPlus® is a powerful online conference management tool that allows you to manage your conference from any computer that is connected to the Internet.


  • View a list of all participants on the conference
  • Manage Q&A session (Demote, Promote, or Remove participants from queue)
  • Monitor polling results in real-time


More Information: 
View our Operated Assisted (Conference Manager) fact sheet