C3 Conferencing's PrivacyPIN offers the benefit of privacy to the inherent security of 24X7 meetings. The PrivacyPin option can be selected either at the time of account creation or during subscription to 24X7 service.

Once the PrivacyPIN option is selected, the host will be prompted to enter a 4 to 9 digit PrivacyPIN code of their choice, with the option of canceling PrivacyPIN for any particular conference when no additional level of privacy is required. 

Once entered, the Privacy PIN will be established for that conference and will be required from all conference participants in addition to the conference passcode, providing an additional level of privacy for 24X7 meetings. The host is responsible for providing the PrivacyPIN to invitees in advance of the call.

PrivacyPIN is beneficial in those instances when back-to-back 24X7 calls occur and the host requires assurance that participants only join the appropriate call.

Or, for those 24X7 customers who have a widely distributed conference passcode, this additional code will ensure that the desired participants are taking part on the desired call.


More Information: 
View our Privacy Pin fact sheet