Q & A Manager gives you continuous support for your most important, highly visible conferencing events. Our most experienced operators actively manage the conference and offer assistance for queuing questioners, polling participants and exchanging information with the conference host.

Much like the way your office manager keeps the office running smoothly by tending to all of the administrative necessities, our Conference Managers perform the same function for your conference, enabling you to concentrate on the content and the flow of the call without having to worry about any of the details.

If you want more personal control of your call, we offer ViewPlus. Using any standard web browser, ViewPlus allows you to see a list of participants, manage your Q&A queue, and see polling results in real-time.

To further leverage the Internet, any of our WebPlus™ conferencing services can be integrated with your Q & A Manager calls. The integration of audio and web conferencing tools into a single meeting allows for a most productive event – the power of the web combined with the passion of the voice.

Each of the WebPlus services includes a menu of presentation and/or collaborative tools that will enable you to best illustrate a new product concept or resolve an outstanding business issue. Whether you are giving a formal presentation to an audience of hundreds or brainstorming with a tight-knit group of colleagues, there is a web conferencing option right for you.


  • Enables your highly visible calls to run smoothly
  • Allows you to get the most out of your meeting with participant lists, queuing and polling features and post-conference reporting
  • Provides an 'insurance policy,' knowing the operator is always available to assist in solving any unforeseen issues
  • Allows you to manage your call through a secure web browser and ViewPlus

With Q & A Manager, the presence of the operator on the call provides you with a valuable resource to deliver a whole host of conferencing options designed to give your important meetings the attention they deserve.

Communications Line – enables an operator to speak privately with the host during the call to provide updates as specified by the host. Examples of such updates would be the status of call participants or who is in queue to ask a question.

Polling – enables the host to ask a series of questions to the participants. The host may pose questions with up to nine possible responses.

Queuing – allows conference participants to 'line up' to ask a question using their touch-tone telephones. The participants will be greeted individually and announced to the call.

Sub-conferencing – allows two or more parties to hold a private discussion while the conference call is in progress. Sub-conferencing participants may leave and rejoin the conference call as often as they wish.

Recording and transcription services – enable you to increase the shelf life of your important call events.

More Information: 
View our Q&A Manager fact sheet