C3 Conferencing offers three types of free training to all of our new clients. We hope you will take advantage of these training opportunities and of course; suggest your own!

Training I: Welcome to C3 Conferencing: The Basics

If you are new client or new to audio conferencing, come aboard and learn the basics including:

    • Overview of C3 Conferencing
    • Hosting your first meeting and call
    • Controlling your meeting and call
    • Introduction to your Dashboard

    Training II: Advanced Conferencing: Options & Features

    If you are comfortable with the basics and have managed a few calls and meetings try some of our more advanced features including:

    • Why Use Web Conferencing? Is Web Conferencing for me?
    • Using the dashboard to manage my account and meetings
    • Enhanced audio services

    Training III: Web Conferencing : The Basics & Advanced Features

    Perhaps you have never tried to launch a web conference, or you need a little help in navigating your first few meetings. Learn the tools you need for a smooth web conference such as:

    • How to invite participants and launch a meeting
    • How to present and control content (or slides)
    • How to share your desktop

    Audio Conferencing: 24x7 Tutorial

    Web Conferencing: Unyte Tutorial

    Web Conferencing: Webex Tutorial

    myAccount Dashboard Tutorial (Arrangers Only)

    myAccount Dashboard Tutorial (Hosts & All)

    Content Management (Share Center) Tutorial 

    Need additional training?
    If you find that you need additional assistance with your C3 audio and web conferencing services and/or the training schedule doesn't work for you, no problem, email us at training@c3conferencing.com . We will work with you and your organization for individual or team trainings.